Somatic-Based Trauma Interventions for Students

HopeNation Counseling partners with college counseling centers to offer somatic-based interventions specifically designed to address trauma.

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Focused on Mind and Body 

We are focused on providing interventions that harness the power of the body in harmony with the mind to process trauma effectively, primarily through two approaches:

  • EMDROur therapists use bilateral stimulation to help clients process traumatic memories and strengthen positive beliefs associated with those experiences. 
  • Brainspotting: Our therapists help students to access, process and resolve traumatic or emotionally charged memories through eye positions and field of vision. 

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High Quality Trauma Services in a Virtual Setting

We specialize in serving young adults and providing compassionate, high-quality care in an accessible virtual setting. HopeNation provides focused trauma interventions like EMDR and brainspotting to help students find lasting healing by:

  • Reducing the presenting symptoms of trauma
  • Increasing students’ sense of connection and belonging
  • Increasing students’ hopefulness to impact retention, academics, and overall wellbeing. 

How We Partner with Counseling Centers

HopeNation comes alongside counseling centers as a true partner in helping students find healing. Here’s how it works:




Step One: Referral

Step Three: Intervention

Step Two: Evaluation

The campus counseling center refers a student to HopeNation for trauma intervention services.

HopeNation either completes trauma intervention treatment, or refers to step-down services through counseling centers, HopeNation or a third party. 

HopeNation conducts an intake evaluation and provides individualized trauma interventions.

Together we can help more students find hope and healing.

Every student deserves high quality mental health services. Learn more about partnering with HopeNation Counseling by contacting us below.

HopeNation’s Approach

HopeNation’s unique approach is fueled by hope and backed by science. Leveraging more than 30 years of experience working with young adults, we offer trauma-informed care that cultivates growth


Our therapists receive additional training in telehealth to ensure that the virtual experience is exceptional and students can access quality, compassionate care uniquely designed to address trauma.

Individual Therapy Plans

Each student is different, and our somatic-based interventions include an extensive intake process that results in a treatment plan customized for the student. Each treatment plan is centered around measurement tools that allow the student and therapist to review progress over time. 

Regular Wellbeing Check-Ins

Our wellbeing check-in tool allows us to stay connected to students between sessions to ensure students have access to a licensed therapist when needed.

About HopeNation

Our work hinges on the science of hope – widely-recognized research that shows the correlation between hope and wellbeing (mental health, social health, educational and career success). We stake our approach to therapy on these truths and are therefore committed to cultivating hope in each student. It’s at the center of everything we do.

Our approach helps young people uncover a path toward mental wellness, emotional strength and a thriving life. We help students develop the motivation and agency to create the life they want and move forward confidently. By combining clinical expertise with sound technology, we can accelerate healing and improve the lives of our most important population: our emerging adults.

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